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We know the difference between an Alpine Renault Berlinette and an AMC Pacer.

And we know the difference between an insurance specially crafted for your specialty auto protection vs. ordinary car insurance that simply has an "add-on."

Gibson Insurance Agency specializes in Specialty Auto Insurance. Our agents are experts in understanding your needs and talking your language. Those differences make all the difference in the world:

  • We know that you take better care and lavish much more attention on your specialty auto than people do on their everyday automobile. So you may be paying too much if included on your regular auto insurance policy.

  • We know your specialty auto is used sparingly, under carefully controlled and optimum conditions or even displayed only at car shows and similar events. Standard coverage that's based more on regular travel and everyday commuting can also cost you too much.

  • We know that you store your car in optimum conditions for protection and longevity. Ordinary auto policies don't take this into account.

  • We know that a specialty auto is inherently the opposite of a family vehicle in terms of financial worth. It's always appreciating in value rather than experiencing normal depreciation. Your policy must reflect this growth in worth to protect its value tomorrow, not just when the policy is written.

Muscle car or racer; investment or never-ending restoration; part of a collection or your one true love; let us help you fashion specialty auto coverage customized for you. We even know how to save you money by giving you only what you need.

  • UNBEATABLE RATES! Let us show that we know how to price you right!

  • Special Coverage: 
    - Coverage provided on an agreed value basis 

    - No depreciation!

  • We represent companies that specialize in specialty auto care: 
    - Specialty claim representatives, etc.

  • Specialty auto insurance sold by specialty auto enthusiasts

  • Choose your own repair shop

  • No mileage restriction (optional)

  • No model year restrictions

  • Stock or modified - we cover them all

  • Discounts available for large collections

  • Overseas & Foreign Touring coverage

  • Spare parts coverage

  • Automobilia coverage

  • Car Club discounts

  • Towing (Transport of Choice)

  • Trip Interruption Coverage

  • Vehicles we insure: 
    - Antique & Classic Cars
    - Muscle Cars
    - Street Rods
    - Trucks
    - Motorcycles and Scooters
    - Modern Classics  
    - Exotic and Special Interest
    - Lowriders
    - Tractors 
    - Fire Trucks 
    - Military Vehicles 
    - Replicas (high quality) 
    - Vehicles under active restoration

Get a FREE quote now. Our Specialty Auto experts will treat you with special service.

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