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We know the difference between an insurance specially crafted for your pet business protection vs. ordinary business insurance that simply has an "add-on."

Gibson Insurance Agency specializes in Pet Business Insurance. In fact, we are the parent company of, the nation's leader in protecting pet business owners and independent pet care professionals. Our agents are experts in understanding your needs and talking your language. Those differences make all the difference in the world:

  • We know that even if your building and vehicle are protected, the business itself and the pets could be neglected. Because a pet care business is a very specialized business most insurance companies know nothing about, your business could be at risk. So we craft coverage just for the special needs of pet care business owners and service professionals.

  • We know that most pet professionals aren't aware that their generic, one policy-fits-all business insurance doesn't cover pet injury or death, so most don't know that their clients' pets are the greatest risk to their business. We help determine your risk and current insurance shortcomings; explain your options; and bring you simple AND SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE solutions.

  • We know that the mobility of mobile groomers adds complexity to their insurance situation that is not addressed in most business (or even pet service) policies. Our customized package takes into account your conversion; injury and property claims; the animals under your care; the mobility of your business; and a lot more.

Store or sitter; groomer or vet; mobile or location-based; let us help you fashion pet business coverage customized for you. We even know how to save you money by giving you only what you need.

Specializing in Pet Businesses, such as:

  • Groomers 

  • Mobile Groomers 

  • Kennels
    - Kennel Liability Coverage

  • Pet Store

  • Pet Daycare

  • Pet Trainer

  • Veterinarians
    - Veterinarian Liability Coverage 

Specialty Pet Coverages, such as:

  • Animal Bailee Coverage

  • Professional Liability

  • Mobile Loss of Income

Services You Can Expect:

  • Personalized attention

  • Careful analysis of your current insurance coverage

  • Detailed coverage recommendations

  • Competitive price proposals

  • Fair and prompt settlement of claims

  • Coverage updates and reviews as your needs change


  • Provide you with the coverage you expect and deserve

  • Eliminate gaps in coverage

  • Reduce your insurance cost

Get a FREE quote now. Our Pet Business experts will protect the pets and protect your business.
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