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We know the difference between a Paso Fino and a Carousel Pony.

And we know the difference between an insurance specially crafted to protect your horse farm and your horses vs. ordinary business and property insurance that simply has "add-ons."

Gibson Insurance Agency specializes in Equine Insurance. Our agents are experts in understanding your needs and talking your language. Those differences make all the difference in the world:

  • We know that whether a part of the family or an investment, your financial outlay - both initial and ongoing - has been significant. So your insurance coverage must protect that investment and take fair market value into account.

  • We know that if you have a boarding and training facility, you have special risks not encountered by ordinary businesses. Your policy must protect that business, because even a client-signed release of liability won't necessarily keep you from being sued.

  • We know that a boarded horse is not fully protected by the customary coverage carried by the people who own and manage the facility. That's why our policy for your horse must go beyond a simple property approach.

  • We know how much medical, surgery, and aftercare expenses can add up. Therefore, we customize your coverage to accommodate the gap that standard policies leave, even in the case of veterinarian-recommended treatments.

Sport horses or family horses; on the farm or at shows; the love of your children or the basis of your business; let us help you fashion equine coverage customized for you. We even know how to save you money by giving you only what you need.

  • Horse Farms
    Facilities including:
    - Breeding
    - Boarding
    - Training

  • Equine Mortality

    Equine and Mortality Coverages

  • Standard Coverages Include:
    - Dwelling
    - Other Private Structures
    - Household Contents
    - Additional Living Expense
    - Liability Coverages
    - Other Farm Structures including Barns, Stables, Fences, Corrals, Pens, Towers, etc.

  • Specialty Coverages Available:
    - Stable Liability
    - Livestock Coverage
    - Business Income
    - Care, Custody, and Control
    - Mobile Agricultural Equipment
    - Excess/Umbrella Liability

  • Mortality Insurance Including:
    - Accident
    - Injury
    - Sickness
    - Disease
    - Theft
    Also Available:
    - Loss of Use
    - Barrenness
    - Infertility
    - Transit Coverage

  • Ranch & Estate
    - Complete Property & Liability Packages for most equine properties.
    - Designed specifically for your needs, no matter the size or use.
    - Our expert underwriters specialize in equine related risks.

  • Liability
    - Private or Commercial
    - Will help you find the right products to cover your particular risks - the kind not covered by your homeowners' insurance.

Get a FREE quote now. Our equestrian experts will make your quest for better care a success.



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