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We know the difference between what you really need and what other insurers want to sell you.

Gibson Insurance Agency is your affordable expert in Recreational Vehicle Insurance. RVing is so much more than a hobby or simply taking a trip; to RVers like you, it is truly a lifestyle. Because of that, you should only trust your Recreational Vehicle Insurance to RV experts. You do it for freedom, exploration, and family. We do it to protect those, who like our RVer agents, know the special needs of insuring your Recreational Vehicle. Like you and your family, each is different, uniquely equipped to your lifestyle.

Whether a full-timer on a quest to see all of the great U.S. National Parks or a weekender dedicated to the highest quality of family quality time, Gibson RV Insurance agents will take the time to learn your lifestyle, explore your needs, and fashion coverages just for you and your RVing lifestyle. We insure all types of RV's including Class A, Class B and Class C Motorhomes, fifth wheel travel trailers, truck campers, and even folding camper trailers.   

Our way of working is different than the ordinary. We take the time to learn about you and analyze what will work best for you. The more we know about you the better. And the more you learn about us, the more you'll appreciate the Gibson difference.


  • We cover all recreational vehicles
    - Watercraft 
    < Boats     
    - Motorhomes/Travel Trailers 
    < All Classes
    - Motorcycles/ATVs/Snowmobiles

    - 12-month coverage with no mandatory layup period
    - Marine claim experts to assist you any time
    - Customized navigation territories to cover you wherever your journey takes you.
    - Actual Cash Value, Agreed Value, and Replacement Cost loss settlements
    - Additional Coverage 
    < Uninsured Boater 
    < Personal Property 
    < On-Water and Commercial Towing 
    < Fuel Spill Liability 
    < Dinghy 
    < Fishing Equipment 
    < Wreckage Removal

    - Full-Timer's Package (special coverage for clients who use their RV as their home, including) 
    < Personal Liability 
    < Golf Cart Coverage 
    < Jewelry 
    < Valuable Property 
    < Storage Shed 
    < And more
    - Personal Liability
    - Emergency Vacation Expense
    - 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
    - Awning Coverage
    - Campsite Liability

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