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We know the difference between what you really need and what other insurers want to sell you.

Gibson Insurance Agency is your affordable expert in Workers Compensation Insurance. Businesses come big and small, private and non-profit, local and international - so your workers comp insurance also must differ. Tailor made, not off-the-rack; based on your particular needs, not some generic.

Though employers are generally required to carry workers comp insurance (except for very small and very specific groups of employers), did you know that sole proprietors and partners are NOT themselves covered unless they elect to do so?

And did you know that you can help reduce costs for your Workers Compensation Insurance by checking your policy to make sure the job classifications and payroll of your employees are listed correctly? Or that more cost benefits can come by employing workplace safety procedures and policies?

Our way of working is different than the ordinary. We take the time to learn about you and analyze what will work best for you. The more we know about you the better. And the more you learn about us, the more you'll appreciate the Gibson difference.

  • Coverage available in all non-monopolized states.

  • Coverage for work-related injury or illness.

  • Highly competitive rates.

  • Coverage available for all classes of businesses.

  • Coverages include
    - Protection for Staff Traveling on Business
    - Employer's Liability
    - Fraud Investigations
    - Legal Expenses
    - Managed Care Services
    - Third Party Suits
    - Employees Traveling on Business to Non-Excluded Countries Outside of Standard Policy Territory

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