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We know the difference between The Monster Truck Summer Nationals and the Cookie Monster.

And we know the difference between an insurance specially crafted for your special event protection vs. an ordinary business insurance that simply has "add-ons" - or even "going it alone" on your personal event.

Gibson Insurance Agency specializes in Special Event Insurance. Our agents are experts in understanding your needs and talking your language. Those differences make all the difference in the world:

  • We know that facilities and venues often require proof of event liability insurance (and even add them to the policy). So we make sure you have the coverage and the certification you need to be protected.

  • We know that dealing with entertainment talent and location representatives can be challenging. Our risk management solutions help simplify the process and protect you to the fullest degree necessary.

  • We know you need to be protected against lawsuits alleging injuries or property damage as a result of event operation. We look all aspects of project oversight and coverage inclusions such as listing all vendors as "loss payees" for the total value of equipment, props, sets, etc.

  • We know personal events often utilize family/friends and other volunteers for labor. We consider tools such as protected person status for Lessors and for volunteer workers to protect all parties.

County fair or family reunion; huge, newsworthy performance or competition for the general public or personal celebration; one night only or 10-day stand; let us help you fashion special event coverage customized for you. We even know how to save you money by giving you only what you need.

  • We specialize in the special event industry.

  • We understand how to provide a flexible and comprehensive insurance program for risks all across the United States.

  • Coverage Available:
    - General Liability 
        < Comprehensive General Liability 
        < Premises Liability 
        < Personal & Advertising Injury Liability 
        < Products-Completed Operations 
        < Abuse and Molestation Coverages available 
        < Liquor Liability Coverage available 
        < Special Coverage: Volunteer Accident - Accident Medical for volunteers 
        < Contingent Ride Liability 
        < Motorsports Liability 
        < Vendor/Exhibitor Coverage 
        < Employee Benefits Liability 
        < Horse Legal Liability 
        < Dog Legal Liability
    - Directors and Officers including Employment Practices Liability
    - Umbrella/Excess Liability 
        < Limits to $15,000,000 available
    - Automobile 
        < Non-owned auto exposures 
        < Hired auto 
        < Owned auto exposures
    - Inland Marine Coverage (AKA Equipment and Contents)
    - Crime
    - Workers Compensation
    - Special Coverage: Event Cancellation & Non-Appearance 
        < Power Failure 
        < Damage to Venue 
        < Natural Catastrophe 
        < Adverse Weather Conditions 
        < Non-Appearance 
        < Inability to Erect Facilities 
        < Disease Outbreak 
        < Strike Risks 
        < Failure of TV Broadcast 
        < and More
    - Special Coverage: Participant Coverage
    - Jockey Accident Medical

  • Ability to cover events on a short term or annual policy.


 (including but not limited to)

  • Civic & Convention Centers
    - Arenas
    - Amphitheatres
    - Auditoriums
    - Civic Centers
    - Coliseums
    - Convention Centers
    - Movie Theatres
    - Music Halls
    - Performance Arts Centers
    - Stadiums
    - Multipurpose facilities having professional/amateur sporting events, as well as concerts, exhibitions, trade shows, theatrical productions, motorsports events, and circuses.

  • Event Planners
    - Fee-based professionals or businesses, domiciled in the U.S., that plan, organize, and coordinate.

  • Fairs & Fairgrounds
    - 4H Fairs
    - Agriculture Expositions
    - County Fairs
    - Livestock Shows
    - State Fairs

  • Festivals
    - Arts & Craft Festivals
    - City Celebrations
    - Ethnic Festivals
    - Exhibitions/Expositions
    - Music Festivals
    - Holiday Celebrations
    - Themed Festivals (i.e., rib fests, tulip festivals, etc.)

  • Pari-mutuel Racing
    - Greyhound Dog Tracks
    - Harness Racing
    - Off-Track Betting Parlors
    - Quarter Horse Tracks
    - Racino Gambling
    - Simulcast Facilities
    - Thoroughbred Tracks

  • Short-Term Special Events (Tenant User coverage also available)
    - Auctions
    - Award Presentations
    - Banquets/Luncheons
    - Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah
    - Bazaars
    - Bingo Games
    - Car Shows
    - Charity Auctions/Benefits/Dances/Walks
    - Concerts
    - Conventions
    - Debuts
    - Debutante Balls
    - Festivals
    - Fiesta de Quinceanera
    - Flea Markets
    - Graduation Ceremonies
    - Job Fairs
    - Lectures
    - Meetings
    - Pageants
    - Phone-a-Thons
    - Picnics
    - Poetry Readings
    - Political Campaign Rallies
    - Proms
    - Recitals
    - Religious Assemblies
    - Reunions
    - Rummage Sales
    - School Band/Drill Team Competitions
    - School Carnivals
    - Scouting Jamborees
    - Seminars
    - Shows (animal, art, baby, flower, garden, home, RV, trade, wedding, etc.)
    - Social Gatherings
    - Speaking Engagements
    - Swap Meets
    - Stage Shows
    - Theatrical Performances
    - Walks/Tours
    - Quinceneara
    - Weddings & Receptions

  • Special Events
    - Art Displays
    - Auctions
    - Banquets
    - Bazaars
    - Charity Events
    - Concerts
    - Conventions
    - Craft Displays
    - Graduations
    - Lectures
    - Meetings
    - Pageants
    - Parades
    - Proms
    - Religious Assemblies
    - Reunions
    - Seminars
    - Shows
    - Social Gatherings
    - Trade Shows
    - Weddings & Receptions

  • Sports Events
    - Amateur Sports Events
    - Professional Events

  • Camps
    - Activity Camps
    - Conference Centers
    - Girl Scout Councils
    - Learning Camps
    - Resident Camps
    - Boy Scout Councils
    - Day Camps
    - Leadership Camps
    - Religious Retreats
    - Summer Camps

  • Youth Day Camps
    - Academic Day Camps
    - Computer Day Camps
    - Culinary Day Camps
    - Incentive Builder/Lego® Day Camps
    - Music Day Camps
    - Performing Arts Day Camps
    - Science Day Camps
    - Arts & Crafts Day Camps
    - Creative Writing Day Camps
    - Etiquette Day Camps
    - Math Day Camps
    - Nature Day Camps
    - Photography/Filmmaking Day Camps
    - Vacation Bible Schools

  • Youth Sports Camps & Clinics
    - Baseball
    - Basketball
    - Cheerleading
    - Deck/Floor Hockey
    - Drill Team
    - Football
    - Golf
    - Gymnastics
    - Ice Hockey
    - Lacrosse
    - Strength & Conditioning
    - Soccer
    - Softball
    - Squash
    - Swimming
    - Tennis
    - Track & Field
    - Volleyball
    - Water Polo
    - Wrestling

Wedding Insurance


  • Very affordable, with rates from $160 and up.

  • Average price tag of today's wedding is $27,000.

  • Financial protection for certain unfortunate, unseen events that could occur during the period leading up to and including the wedding day.

  • Coverage for:
    - Cancellation or Postponement
    - Additional Expenses
    - Event Photography/Video
    - Event Gifts
    - Special Attire
    - Special Jewelry
    - Lost Deposits
    - Liability Insurance

What if you went to pick up the wedding gown you spent so many days researching, so many designers comparing, and so many sessions fitting - only to find the store closed for good?

What if you found the perfect venue, in the perfect location, with the perfect view and the perfect facilities - until a fire caused enough damage to leave you stranded?

What if the bride or groom was called for a military commitment prior to the event - so your obligation to serve superseded your plans of a dream wedding?

And what if a hurricane or an ice storm or a flood completely upended the event - preventing guests and participants to travel?

"What ifs" don't make for a wonderful wedding day. With costs averaging $27,000, you need to protect that financial investment and do so as early in the planning process as you can.

Get a FREE quote now. Our Special Event experts will become your perfect match for protection and expert service.

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